Disappearing Menu Text on Desktop Browser

Hello, on the desktop browser when I shrink the window’s width, the menu items are replaced by the hamburger menu icon. When I click the hamburger icon, the menu items appear. When I hover my mouse over the menu item, the text dissapears (probably the text changes the colour to white and blends into the white background). That’s probably caused by a mistake in CSS.

See the example here https://www.urbanaccountants.com/ - reduce the window width until hamburger menu appears, click on it and hover the mouse pointer over the menu item. The menu item text will disappear.

Please can you help me to understand where in the CSS I have to make the correction and how the correction should look like? What folder, file and css item?

I use the Accounting template / theme.

Thank you.

Hi Paul

You may use this css code to fix that problem:

.ftco-navbar-light .navbar-nav > .nav-item > .nav-link:hover {
color: #3a3939;

Hello, that doesn’t sove the problem. I opened the file css/style.css and there is already this text:

.ftco-navbar-light .navbar-nav > .nav-item > .nav-link:hover {color: #1ba12d; }

So that’s exactly what you suggested just the colour is green instead of dark grey. So it’s not a mistake in a link hover color but something else… Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hi Paul

Yes, just go ahead and change the color code in the code, that’s all

Hello, no, a simple colour change (swap green for grey) doesn’t help. Please go to your Accounting Web Template and correct it as this faulty behaviour is in your standard template. I would then appreciate if you share with me the way how I can correct the issue. Thanks a lot. Paul

Hi Paul

May I know why it doesn’t help? the only thing you need to do is to change the color code
yes, we will correct it on our side but it will take some time

Sure that I tried and it didn’t work. But may be I was editing the wrong text. Please what folder / file / section / text I should change?


Let me see the screenshot of your editings,