Display of blog posts

Hello there!
we want to create a Blog-Website with Wordpress.
The design we want to follow is this one: http://angeliquelini.de/
We just have an issue with showing more post on one page, sorted by date as it is typical for Blogs.
This feature only works on the main page, not on any other.
On the “side pages” we are only able to show the description of this particular page.
As it works perfectly on one of our "template"pages, http://angeliquelini.de/category/veganes-rezept/ , there must be some feature or plugin to do so.
Thank You very much for Your support!

We are looking forward to hearing from You soon
Mona, Kati &Cindy

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question more post - can be configured from the WordPress settings > reading and here you can set how many posts to show
and, to be honest not clearly understand second part of the question :frowning: can you tell me what is your goal? what do you want to achieve? and where?

Colorlib Support Team