Display two images on the same row on the mobile version

Hello and thank you for your great free theme,

I’ve managed to display 2 images on the same row in my articles and it works perfectly.
But on the mobile version, only one appears, the one on the right displays only if your swipe right.
(please see the image attached)
Do you think it’s possible to have the same display on a mobile as on a computer ? I mean to display the vertical images half size so 2 of them can fit in the same space than the text and other horizontal images ?

Thank you very much !

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

The images may have to be scaled down for them both to appear on the page on mobile.

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Here it is :


hi Céline

Please provide the link to the page where the problem is :slight_smile:
this is not homepage and not the pages I browsed on your website, I cant check every single page :frowning:

Hi Noda,
Yes sure I’m very sorry :confused:
Here it is : Les îles de Nouvelle Calédonie • La Marinière en Voyage
The problem is almost at the end :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !


ok, i see it now
The problem is not in the theme responsiveness, the problem is in the method you used to achieve this, you have to change this
there is a lot f ways to d this:


Hi Noda,
Thank you so mluch !
I feel so stupid because I remember reading this google page with solutions a long time ago, but I guess I couldn’t manage to follow the instructions at that time since I chose another method (much more difficult and much less convenient and time-saving) ^^

So thanks again ! On the mobile version the two images appear on top of each other but that’s fine to me.

Have a great day,

hi Céline

Well, no problem, we are here to help :slight_smile:

i will close this case now