Display widget content as in the demo

Hi there !
I’ve heard so much about this theme so I chose it for my first E-commerce project. After the installation I followed the tutorial of the documentation to the letter but I did not have the final rendering on the first page; the banner is not displayed and other … needs help please!
Sir when i am editing in wordpress and go to widgets ,i got the message like your theme has 9 other widgets and navigate to other page but i need that widget on front page

How could i get those widgets ready to edit ?

Hey there

Thank you for kind words

Is there any chance to upload your project online for investigation? I really can’t check it on your localhost :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering my message. Yes there is a chance to act directly on my project. I just put the project online on github accessible at the link: GitHub - mich229/lebonchoix: Site E-commerce
I can invite you as a collaborator if you provide me with your github details.

Hi Smile

Sorry but this method will not work, please make it as WordPress site, I need to see the problem, database, files in the hosting environment, GitHub project is useless in this case :slight_smile:

Hi Noda
I understood, on the other hand when trying to send you the information I got an error message: *** Forbidden. The message appears to be spam. *** So I did a capture of the information look at the attached image. Thank you

Hi noda
Still waiting for a response from you …
Thank you

Am using one of your woocommerce themes-tyche to develop my website. How can i edit search at the top to start showing results. Currently it doesn’t return results but instead it shows NOTHING FOUND error. My website link is: https://ereading.skymobitech.co.ke/?s=THE+SILENT+PATIENT. Will be glad to hear from you.

Hi Ron

You are not using our theme, you need to contact the theme author about this question

Hi noda
I left you lots of messages and also the login details to connect to the site, but did not answer my concerns. you were only interested in the one who came to post a message last. Waiting for a return from you …