Documentation Broken Link

Please note that the link to GLYPHICON library in the UNITE documentation is a non-working link. That v5 document does not have any content on glyphicon (search word, no results). I was able to find the library here:

It also seems that the shortcodes documentation would be more helpful if it included the information here:

It appears that I need to install the Bootstrap shortcodes plugin to use/find the plugins? The above page demonstrates but doesn’t provide the actual coding for the shortcodes. Muddling along. Thx.

Hey there

Thank you for reporting this, to be honest not clearly understand where is the link? can you please also provide screenshot?

Sure! My pasting the links didn’t work as I expected.

I am talking about this document.

Here is the section with the link

The link in your documentation goes here:
[] where there is no chart or table of glyphicons anywhere to be found.

The first link in my OG post, is to a 3.3 version of the bootstrap documentation, where I found that DOES include a map of the Glyphicon codes.

There is absolutely nothing in the documentation about the shortcodes. I did find this section referenced in more detail in the Theme DEMO section.

I was suggesting that it would be helpful to include that info or at least link to it from the support/documentation pages.

I LOVE THIS THEME … very easy to work with, and not needing a lot of css to make it look as I want. THANK YOU colorlib team!!! Warmly, Kristi