Don't have URL link for last news section

Hi How are you?

I can’t add an url link to the click button in last news section. How to put a link?

As we can see i don’t have “Add an Url for the button” like in Jumbuttron section

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Hello @intraweb,

There is no section link to be setted up because you need to create a blog page that will work directly as the link to be used for the button.

First, you need to create a new page in Dashboard > Pages and choose the Blog template in the right Attributes panel. Alternatively, with a new page created in Pages you need to head over to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and choose the static post page.

Please confirm you got it alright.



But faws days ago the link worked and i attached the url of “Contact us” section and it work.
Now i don’t know what happen.

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Is possible to add a click button with the link url of “contact us”? If yes can you tell me how to do please?


Hello @intraweb,

If I understood correctly what you want to achieve, you cannot add a custom button to the latest news section unless you are doing some coding in the core files in sections > front-page-latest-news.php


Hi Ion Rutz,

It is strange because before an update of the theme, the button worked, and i linked it to the contact section.

How to add thoses codes in Front-page-latest-news.php?

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Dealt with this in private, resolved until further news.