Don't want the link for each project to open in new tab


I can’t find a way to make each project of the #works section to open in the same tab (and not open a new tab).
My website :
(the #works section is named “Projets musicaux” on my website")

Thank you!

hey there

You need to change target="_blank" to target="_self" in the link property
Please note, HTML templates require basic knowledge of HTML to work with them

Hi Noda,
Thank you for your reply. Where can I change the link property?
The thing is, in this template the links for the #works section are generated automatically, so I don’t see anywhere where I can modify the link property. In the attachment, you can see in the bottom-left corner that the template just asks me the URL to which the link leads, so I don’t have access to the HTML code.

Hi there

Ok, got it, I will do this for you

please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case.
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Colorlib Support Team

Hi Noda,

Thank you! I also realized that the widget of Facebook at the bottom of any page (leading to my Facebook page) opens in the same tab (see the attachment). But I’d like it to open in a new tab. So it’s the same issue as the one I talked to you about, but reversed… Do you think you could also do something about it?

Here are my Wordpress access credentials :

Username : Nina Simone
Password : 7Pd%T&$g4W

Website URL :

Hey there

You may use this Jquery snippet to change link target:


this is how to add jquery code in WordPress:

Thank you.

However I have to admit I’m at lost, I read the documentation and watched videos about hw to add jquery code in Wordpress and I still don’t understand WHERE I have to go to enter the snippet you gave me…

Hey there

I just fixed it, this is the JS code I used :

jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){
    // Votre code ici