Double FORMS - No way to shut one off? (Template 01)



Our Under Construction plugin displays a form on the template, and we’re also using a Mailchimp Action form, resulting in a poor user experience with duplicate forms. So, user enters email and fname. Submits. Then, Mailchimp’s FORM pops up. Again, user enters email and FNAME. We need a solution to remove the duplicate forms.

Toggling the Form Subscription off, rids the page of ANY FORM at all; leaves only COMING SOON.

Is there a way to disable or hide the plugin’s built-in form, allowing us to use only the Mailchimp subscribe form?

Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Hi there.

Thanks for contacting us!

May I take a loo? please provide URL of the page and I will try to help you with custom CSS if this is possible.


Thanks for your response and willingness to look to see if you may be able to help.

It simply doesn’t make sense, period, the constraints that have been built into that particular customization, i.e., causes two Forms to appear during user sign-up.

Not even Ai could figure it out. :joy:
I’ve spent too much time on it, though. Will have to just use a generic landing page.

:pensive:I was loving it too. Oh well.

Hi there,

Okay, so, there is no chance for me to see it? :smiley: