Download button just disappeared


today I wanted to download another template, like I usually do, but download button isn’t there.
Do you know, what could be the problem? Do you have some technical issues, or is that my problem?

EDIT: And why all templates have little text on top left ‘expired’… what does it mean for me? Does Colorlib have some legal problems, and downloading templates is stopped for a while?

Thx for respond.

Hit here

When did you purchase the license? Most probably its expired and needs refreshing


I bought lifetime license for 99$ at 12th October 2020 with ID #COLORLIB581. Are you serious? You changed it then and now I have expired lifetime license? What is this? Scam?

Thank you in advance for clarification.


I’m so sorry to say but that’s the case, we changed the licensing plans :frowning:

But I bought lifetime license before you changed your licensing plans. What’s that? Like hello you bought lifetime license but hey, let’s change your license, becouse we changed plans? What was the word lifetime then? If you can’t get my lifetime license back, I want my money back, becouse that was a scam.


Please use the contact form on the main domain to reach the appropriate person, I’m unable to handle account related problems