Download + license template?

Thanks for sharing a lot of ressources.

On ths page : 46 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2021 - Colorlib i saw the template “Adminity” but its download link is not present.

I have 2 questions :

  • will it be possible to download it (and if so, when?)
  • will it be licensed under MIT as some others ?

I intend to use it in a free software.

Thanks in advance for your reply and happy ending of 2020 :slight_smile:

i reply to myself …
i finished by geting this topic in search : Admindek, Adminity templates

so adminity is not free. as i want to distribute freely mo software, i’m not going to pay 362$ + VAT … :frowning_face:

i’ll seel with free ones. Thanks again for your work.

Hey there

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile: have a nice day and a happy new year