Download the latest "Consolution" template

Hello. I recently renewed my support for the “Consolution” website template, but I received a download link for the older version (2019) that I already have. How can I download the files for the July 2022" version that is listed on your website?

Thank you,

Hi there

It should be the same since its an HTML template, (Usually we don’t update them)
This is the template: Consolution - Free Bootstrap 4 Template by Colorlib
do you have any difference ?

No, I do not have any differences between my version and the link you sent so I have the latest. Thank you!

Hi there

Ok, then what is the probelm?


I wanted to make sure I had the latest version before I called attention to an issue I am having. Here is the issue:

No joy. Still cannot scroll on the iPhone.


I made a reply to that ticket, @glenhansen please don’t mess with the replies, :slight_smile: