drop down menu not working

Love the look of the site but I am experiencing three problems with the menu.
My site is www.niagarasingingbowls.com
1)The main menu is there but I have to click on it to get the sub menu to show.How can I get it to drop down on hover?
2) It will not let me open the page of the main menu if it has sub categories, only allows me to open the sub category pages… For example, I cannot see content of the page “LEARN” only the pages under it.
3) Under “EXPERIENCE THE BOWLS” there is “ATTEND A WORKSHOP” A subcategory to that is “ESCAPE THE RUSH / THE YOGA VINE FRIENDS AND FAMILY EVENT” but it doesn’t show up.

I appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question

  1. this is how the menu works in this theme, you can check our demo we have the same behavior
  2. there is no link added in the parent menu LEARN it uses the only #, i guess this is a custom link element, try to use page url here
  3. menu in this theme uses only 2 level, not 3 :frowning:

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