Drop down menu Safari

Hi there!

I am experiencing issues with the Safari Browser. How is it possible that the dorp down menu’s are not functioning in Safari? Is there a quick fix for this issue?

Thanks in advance!

My site is www.mooivoorburg.nl

Hey there

Which version of Safari? I tried the latest version and menu drop down worked normally

Hi! Thanks for checking it out. I am using

Versie 14.1.2 (16611.

Still not working on my safari webbrowser on my laptop. Another user was experiencing the issue to let me know. (I use Chrome usually).

What am I missing?

Hi @bkbk

I use a real simulator of Safari on Iphone and in Ipad but the menu is appearing everywhere on my side, here is a screenshot: Monosnap
unfortunately i was not able to replicate the problem :frowning:


I think it is because you are visiting the mobile website? I only exprience the problem on Safari on my Macbook. On my phone, the mobile menu appears (using a plugin because of the known problem with the mobile menu).

Is there a way to visit the website not on a mobile device?

Thanks in advance!


Sorry, I dont know why but I thought we are dealing with the Mobile menu, please add this css code in the Appearance > Customize > Additional css:

ul.nav li.dropdown:hover ul.dropdown-menu {
    visibility: visible;

Thank you! This is working perfectly!

Nice to hear :slight_smile:

Have a good day