Drop down menus behind Slider

Hi, I’m a big fan of this theme for being so clean and spacious and to-the-point. The issue I have is that on IE (using latest 11.0.7), the dorp-down menu bar that I have running along the top of the site drops-down underneath the slider rendering it effectively invisible, you can only see it’s there when the slider fades from one image to the next.

I just upgraded to v2 of the theme, but I still have this problem. It’s fine on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


It was a compatibility view setting in IE - must be mimicking old IE 7 behaviour as far as z-index is concerned.

However - it’s still an issue on pages where I’m using a native browser plugin to handle embedded PDFs (again, only on IE). I imagine I’d have similar problems if I had flash elements and stuff. Any ideas?

There is a simple fix for IE where parent element needs a higher z-index value than absolute positioned child element. Which is strange but it does work.

Add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

#main-nav {
    z-index: 300;
#main-nav ul li ul, #main-nav ul li:hover ul ul, #main-nav ul ul li:hover ul ul, #main-nav ul ul ul li:hover ul ul, #main-nav ul ul ul ul li:hover ul ul {
    z-index: 100;

Probably this could be added to the next theme update.

Thanks Aigars, this fixes the issue for those earlier versions of IE, it’ll save me trying to convince people to switch compatibility view off for intranet sites.
It’s still an issue on pages where a PDF is embedded, but I suspect that’s not resolvable. I can fix that the dirty way by making sure nobody embeds PDFs right at the top of a post but puts some intro text in to leave room for the menus.
Thanks again.