Dropdown down menu doesn't open on mobile

I developed website with dazzling theme.
dropdown menu working on web browser when toggle mobile device. but i am opening with my phone, dropdown menu does not appear.
I am using dazzling menu.but i changed some css for menu.
<?php dazzling_header_menu(); ?>

Thanks for help.


For website dashboard.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day :slight_smile:
please provide a link to your website,
p.s. can you tell me more about your code? where or how did you used it?

Colorlib Support Team

username: snapd
Password: bluebusiness24

Nav area. col-3 -> logo , col-6->menu , col-3 -> 2 icons.


  1. menu is visible for me and its working
  2. this theme is very far away from its original shape if you have any problems with it you have to contact to customizer of this theme :slight_smile: