Dropdown in woo-setup.php will not appear in mobile site

I have created in \wp-content\themes\dazzling\inc\woo-setup.php a dropdown to select a categorie. This dropdown I will see when I open my site with a pc. But when I open this site with my smartphone I will not see this dropdown.
Hope you can help me how I can solve this problem.
kindly regards.

Hey there

Please provide screenshot of your changed and direct link to the page with the problem

Thanks for your answer.
Here a screenshot from the dropdown:

The link you will directly at the first homepage of https://www.agoshop.at

Hope you can help me again why I don’t see this dropdown on a mobile site.
kindly regards

Hi thre

Ok, now I understand your problem, currently, dropdown menu has the problem and it has been reported as a bug, as an alternative you may use the WordPress MObile menu plugin if you don’t want to wait for the solution