Dropdown main menu button not working in android mobile view


Thanks for the great support you have given before. Right now I found an odd problem that my head menu button i a dropdown doesnt seem clickable on an android phone.

It is the word “skriva texter” that should lead to a page, the same as the dropdown below it. It works on computers but it doesnt seem to work on tablets.

Please help. I am pretty sure that I havent done anything to cause this.
My website can be found at: http://annalerneryd.se

Hi @copyokod,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

I understood what you meant that the top menu item of sub menu is not clickable on mobile browsers which is a default functionality bootstrap framework that this theme uses. you can see it in this example Redirecting…

Actually by default it also doesn’t work on PC browsers but we have developed some custom code to make it work on PC browsers. If we do the same for mobile browsers then users can’t access sub menus because if they click on top level menu item then they will get redirected to that page instead of displaying sub menu therefore we have not implemented this solution for mobile browsers.

To resolve this issue you can use Responsive Menu plugin and to prevent from having two menus use the css code provided in this thread https://colorlibsupport.com/t/disabling-mobile-menu/

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