Dropdown menu bug in Juli website template

Hi there,
I don’t know if this is the place to ask, but I have encountered an issue with the dropdown menu in the Juli website template. After discovering the problem, I went back to the original template files and verified that the problem occurs in the original version. When the site loads in a window smaller than 768 pixels wide (mobile, or partial screen browser), the links in the navigation bar don’t work. Even if the screen is made larger (thus switching from dropdown to nav bar), the links don’t work.

Likewise, if you load the website in a large window, you can subsequently resize the window (thus switch from nav bar to dropdown) and the dropdown links work.

Further, I have noted that clicking on a dropdown option will change the color of the button, so it is registering some sort of click event… Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there

Thank you for the question,
Please provide a link to the page and let me know how to replicate your problem