Dropdown menu changes color, if clicked on the parent entry again

Hi everyone,

I am helping my wife to develop her web-site using Unite theme. I have stumbled upon issue, which I do not seem to be able to tackle myself. The issue is - when I click on the dropdown menu, everything is ok. But, if I click on one of the links or on the parent entry again, the dropdown menu changes color.

For desktop view it is not a huge issue, but browsing from mobile phone it seems that clicking parent again or any of the child entries would give a desktop-styled menu for a moment, which is quite annoying. Website:

See mobile illustration in attached GIF file:

Any idea what could cause this unwanted behavior and how to fix it?

Best wishes,

Hi Ugis

thank you for the question, most probably this is side effect of the current customization on the website, this css code can fix it:

.dropdown-menu, .dropdown-menu > .active > a, .dropdown-menu > .active > a:hover, .dropdown-menu > .active > a:focus {background-color: #efa7ef;}

Thanks a lot for the response! I tried to add this CSS code, but unfortunately nothing changed.

It seems that this indeed is the side effect of the current customization (I checked that everything works as expected on a blank site), but I can not find where yet. The original behavior of the second click should have been closure of the dropdown menu, but that is somehow replaced by changing the menu colors. Puzzling.

Let me know, if you have any more ideas.

I think I traced this issue to a bug in mobile view, I opened an issue in Github:


Thank you Ugis :slight_smile:

We are planning to update all our themes and fix the problems, all bug reports are highly appreciated

Great, thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to the update.

You are welcome @ugis :slight_smile: