Duplicate layout option

Hello - is it possible to duplicate the left column layout so that I can choose to apply one of several left-column templates to a page? Basically I want a left nav (which I applied via the widget) but I want to pick and choose a different left nav for certain pages. So one set of pages has a left column menu and another set of pages has a DIFFERENT left column menu.


I think this is what your looking for:

A plugin that lets you hide widgets on certain pages.
(I think this was the one I used before on an earlier press)

I think this will work as a workaround! I have a whole series of pages to apply to one sidebar, another series of pages for another, etc. So I can make this work … Thanks @zilak!

The best plugin to use multiple sidebars on different sections, pages, etc is WooSidebars. I have used it for several project in the past and it works really well.

Awesome - either of these will work. Thanks!