E-Shop Website Template : Category Nav dropdown submenus not mobile friendly.

First of all, thank you for this great free template.

I have an issue with the template which is E-shop…

Category-Navbar is not mobile friendly. On mobile view, megamenu dropdowns submenus are not clickable?

How may I make them clickable on mobile?

I believe that issue is that, when I click the category navmenu, dropdown menu collapse and when I click the submenu it closes the category navmenu…

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Here is the link that you may check… www.sendekalsin.com

hey there

Just checked your website and i can’t really see the problem, every menu element of the mobile menu is clickable and i don’t have any issues, can you tell me more detailed steps on how to replicate this problem?

Thank you for reserving your precious time for replying my post.

When you log in to website in Mobile view, orange color menu is category menu and when it’s clicked, it shiws the categories as drop-down menu. When drop-down menu is clicked to collapse it, it show sub categories but they are not clickable. You may try to click all tours / cultural tours / 2 to 7 nights.

When you click it I going to close the menu not following the link…

Good evening

Well, they don’t have links, so it will not work, check your other menu elements like Daily trips > Ephesus Daily Trips, or any other, they are all working normally

I suppose that I am not well to express the problem. The submenus have links because on desktop version they work well.

I check my on Android phone and when I press aubmenu it closes the menu. Not going any link.

How are you able to click daily trips / Ephesus daily trips… I am not able to click with my Android phone…

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Ok, … please add this CSS and check your site again:

.dropdown-backdrop {
display: none;

That worked… perfect.

Thank you

Great :slight_smile:
I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!