Edit Contact Box Text


Thank you so much for the great free template!

I’m having an issue with the text in the contact box: “And we will get in touch as son as possible.”

I’d like to edit this but there doesn’t seem to be an area to edit this in the theme customize settings. How can I do this?


This is really mind blowing, it seems like the entry field is missing from the options since the latest update, so I will just have to push this to devs for a new update in the shortest time.

Until this hits the shelves, please check the attached screenshot and take care of the text manually in Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Contact Section file.

Sorry for the trouble!


Ah, I thought it was odd! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi I am having the same issue, I tried to change the text using the new template, also by editing in front-page-contact-us but nothing has changed.
How can I do this?
The issue is not about the text but the title which is CONTACT US and I would like to change it in CONTACT ME, also the CUSTOMER SUPPORT section it won’t change.
Thank you and even if sometimes is not easy to change but I really like your template :slight_smile: