Edit shapely parallax sections


I would like to edit on my page https://sandra-daniel.de the Paralax Section (only the first).

The background of it is supposed to be gray.
In addition, the graphic should be moved to the left, so that it flush with the areas below. So should also be more space for the text in the broad.

How can I do that?


I hope you are doing well today.

You can use the following CSS code to change the background color by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

div#shapely_home_parallax-4 {
    background-color: lightgray;

To edit the image alignment, go to Appearance > Widgets and edit the parallax widget image position to appear on the left.

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It is already set to appear on the left.
In the Shapely demo it looks a bit different as well, there is also more room for the text and the image is shown on the left, flush with other content below.

Hey there

Elements and settings are the same on the demo and on your website,
to be honest not clearly understand your question, you are using an image parallax and it works normally without any problem, is there anything in the settings that you used and is not working?