Edit Shapely Related Posts Widget

I would like to edit the Related Posts widget found at the end of a blog post. I would like to change the title to :You Might Also Like and the size of the title. I would also like to change the hover colour of the post title link it’s still the default blue. Ive looked everywhere and couldn’t find a solution. Please help!
Thank you!

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Please provide a link to one of the posts and I will take a look, probably i’ts possible by custom CSS code

Thank you for your quick response. Here’s a link (the site is still under construction). [https://psimabroad.com/bolivian-salt-flats-travel-photos].

hey there

You can use this css code to fix your problem:

.shapely-related-posts-title h3:after {
    content: "you might also like";
    position: absolute;
    left: 0px;
.shapely-related-posts-title span {
visibility: hidden;