Edited 404.php and now I have no 404 page

Hi, I wanted to replace the Lorem ipsum… text in my 404 page not found page and I thought the way to do this was Appearance → Editor and then I selected the 404 Template (404.php) file on the right, edited the text without changing anything else and then clicked Update File. Now, when I go to a non-existent page in my domain there is just a blank screen and no error message. How can I fix this? My domain is swampscottrailtrail.org Thanks, Alexis

Hello Acrunstadler,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please revert the changes that you made to the 404 template then use the following plugin to make a custom 404 page for your website:

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Hello Support, thank you for your quick reply. Can you please tell me how I can revert the changes? Maybe you can provide me with the original contents of the 404.php file for Illdy version 2.0.1? I have the Updraft Plus plugin for backups but I don’t see how I could restore just one file. Thanks for any help you can give on this.