Editing 'Course' Template?

Where in the code does it allow me to change the Banner background to an image or different faded colours?
On the main banner and the dynamic banner that moves with the page?

Also which part of the code allows me to change the fonts?
If I upload a new font what should I look for to replace the main font used across most of the website with the pointy A, M etc. letters?

Hey there

Well, its an HTML template, basically if you worked with the HTML templates before you can find them very easily, HTML templates are usually easy to edit, you just need to use the developer tools of the browser to get which style of the CSS is applied on the element

I Have not to this extent that’s why I was asking.

I checked and there is no clear indication to a #******** Colour code or image asset to change on the header metadata or while inspecting the element through a browser…
Its the same code on each page even though there are 2 different banner images for the main page and others, unless its linking to an external source which is not clear how to access or change it does not make sense to a non-expert.

I have almost finished the whole website code and this is the last primary part I am looking for to replace on every page,
it might be easy to someone with decades of experience buy I have just learned this much in the last week.
its not obvious and I have not found the answer simply while researching for this particular code on this site purchased from you.
I have asked for help about a product you sell, you don’t have to patronize someone new to this. I would ask for a refund if I hadn’t already recoded every page, so instead I am asking for an answer to this question.

As per my main question about the banner above, how do I just change that without replacing the entire banner code?

(baring in mind that you also completely ignored the second question)

Hey there

Ok, let’s do this, please provide a link to the page and give me a reference of what you want to change and where :slight_smile:

I would appreciate someone else instead answering this question for others benefit in the future too.

Its still the same as the code you sell for “Courses” as I said I have not changed it?


  1. To remove the Blue & Purple header/banner Background on the parts that stay still and the one that moves down with the page and replace it with my own colours and artwork.

  2. To replace the background colour code for the footer (no obvious visible Hex code or .png file to replace).

Also to know the aspect ratio of the images to replace the banner and footer if needed.

  1. To change the font styles that seem to be built in to the code too, I can upload a different Image or Font file to the assets but its not obvious which part of your code to replace.

On your Template.

NOTE: I request a response from someone else again within 24 hours, a reasonable amount of time as you find it so “easy”. If someone still cant help from this information I will be formally requesting and reporting for a refund.
Saying “Basically”, “you can find them very easily” and “Easy to edit” without answering is rude and not helpful.
and “lets do this” makes you seem arrogant with the perception of ‘putting up’ with customers asking a genuine question rather than wanting to help.

Hey there

  1. it’s a background image added here: Screenshot by Lightshot Link to the image is this: https://colorlib.com/preview/theme/courses/assets/img/hero/h1_hero.png

  2. Footer color: Screenshot by Lightshot there is no bg image in the footer, its a color only

  3. You need to replace existing fonts by search and replace in the files, first you need to load your font and then replace existing fonts

in this case, all you need is knowledge of the HTML if you don’t have it I can only suggest to lear it, without it you can’t do anything with the HTML template, I can help with this or a couple of other things but at the and this will become customization which I cant provide.

we are not telling templates, we only sell rights to remove footer credits form the theme, you can use this template for free

Support also is free, but if you don’t know the technology we can’t help you without it

No need to bring any negative here, im one support here and I always do my best to help everybody including you :wink: