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I am using the Shapely theme and want to use the PopupMaker plugin to add a popup to the Read More button on the theme. I can add the class to the button to create the popup in the browser Inspector, but I cannot access the HTML directly to edit the class on the button.

Is it possible to do this with this theme?

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I’m not certain I clearly understand the change you would like to make to the button using CSS.

However, it’s possible to add the CSS. Kindly check under the customize option ==> Additional CSS.

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“add a popup to the Read More button on the theme” - Which read more button you want to utilize? by default, you can’t do this without template modification, if there is a chance it’s better to create a new custom button with your desired classes

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I believe you are correct - I have no way to change the class of the single Read Morebutton without access to the ability to edit the HTML.

What I am trying to do, is click on the button, perhaps the More Information` button is more appropriate, and have it activate a lightbox popup. I can do it from the menu on the nav bar, but not from buttons on the page.
Ive attached a couple of image of the page, as well as the code that needs to be changed. If I add custom CSS, the button does not have a ID to reference, and I dont want to add the popup to all buttons.

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Yes indeed, you can’t touch classes of these buttons without editing template files,
If getting the classes is enough for you then i can help you, just give me the link to the page and i will provide CSS classes of the buttons…

Btw, they are visible on your screenshot and its:


try to use this classes


I don’t think that what I would like to do is possible with this theme, unfortunately.
I want to add a short-code to the button, so that when clicked, a lightbox popup appears.

I will look for a different theme.

Thanks for all of your help! Appreciate it

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I played around with the settings of the PopupMaker, and it appears you can use the selector from their plugin to add the CSS to the popup trigger.

By adding .btn-white. I was able to trigger the popup appropriately.

Thanks all!!

That’s it :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything else