Editing the Mobile Version of Barber HTML Template

I got the Barber theme working well, for the most part. One issue, though, is that instead of one menu, the mobile theme seems to have created three, with the first one blank.

Here is what my desktop and mobile menus looks like:

Is there a way I can edit just the mobile version? Or, is there something I can do with just the desktop version that will fix this?

So far, I have been editing visually with SeaMonkey and doing some code tweaks.

Hello @jasoncmclean

May I take a look? please provide url


Hey there

Well, this is a html template, here everything is in your hand, you may remove HTML markup from the code or you may also use this css code:

.mobile_menu .slicknav_menu:nth-child(1), 
.mobile_menu .slicknav_menu:nth-child(2) {
display: none;