editing the template

how do i edit the template i purchased inn wordpress?

this is the template

i want to upload my own content and photos/video

please advise.

Hello Charmarie

Well, this is an HTML template, you need to know how to work with the HTML template, if you ever worked with HTML then this template is overall easy to make changes

Hi Noda,

Thank you for your response.

ive never used HTML before is there not a tutorial for beginners?

I actually using Wordpress, is there a way I can import this HTML Template and take it from there for the website to go live on my website?

Please advise.

Hi there

There are thousand tutorials in the web, my favorite is this: Introduction to HTML
No, HTML templates can not be used in the Wordpress without a major development, they are completely different things


Thanks for your well designed and documented template.
I am using Django to connect your template with my database. However I want to use the Search division to filter properties based on its values.
I use the GET=“Method” on the form tag and a name for each field. But how can I name the Slider values to GET them as a request?
And what part of the html code would make the search icon as a submit button?
Below is the HTML code that I need some help on.

<form action="{% url ‘search’ %}" method=“GET”>
<div class=“row”>
<div class=“col-xl-12”>
<div class=“form_wrap d-flex”>

                           &lt;div class="single-field max_width "&gt;
                               &lt;label for="#"&gt;Region&lt;/label&gt;
                               &lt;select class="wide" name="region_select"&gt;
                                       &lt;option data-display="All Regions"&gt;All Regions&lt;/option&gt;
                                       {% for region in regionNames %}
                                        {% endfor %}

**************** HERE IS MY QUESTION ******************
<div class=“single_field range_slider”>
<label for="#">Price ($)</label>
<div id=“slider”></div>

                           &lt;div class="serach_icon"&gt;
                                     <a href="#">
                                          &lt;i class="ti-search" &gt;&lt;/i&gt;


Hi Ardeshir

Sorry abut all questions related to the development of your custom projects is up to you, unfortunately we can’t support individual questions about the projects, please search your question in the web, there is nothing special in this templates they are very basic HTML templates and any normal method to connect it to any kind of database will work, you just need a little bit of knowledge about it

Since this is an HTML template, you must be familiar with using it. If you have, however, this template is generally simple to edit

Thanks for your input @asde22

I will close this case for now.