Elementor WP plugin: Editing Shapely further without starting from scratch

I have set up my front page to a certain level that’s “ok” for now (though not completely finished yet). [For now it’s temporarily published on the dev.parties-et-cetera.gr temporary subdomain URL]

I want to know whether I can use the WP Elementor plugin to continue editing/customizing the front page far more than what the (free) Shapely theme will allow me to do natively - but WITHOUT starting from scratch!

When opening Elementor I saw that it gives you an option to start building a NEW page. I didn’t see any other options (maybe I’m blind lol). :stuck_out_tongue: I thought (hoped) that after installing and activating the Elementor plugin I would just get all these extra controls and element drag-n-drop options so that I can continue working on what I’ve already done on my Shapely front page to customize it further. But I don’t seem to be able to find how to do this.

Can you kindly tell me if continuing to work on Shapely using the WP Elementor plugin is possible (without starting to build the Shapely front page from scratch)?

And if yes, can you please tell me the steps on how to do this? (Even better, of course, if you can link a tutorial video that shows this exact continuing-the-edit process).

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey there :slight_smile:

It is not possible to use Elementor on our homepage as we utilize our own widgets on the homepage, making it incompatible with Elementor in this scenario.

You can use ELementor on new pages but not on the homepage.


Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

So if I’ve understood your reply correctly (please correct me if I’m wrong):

  1. I cannot use the WP Elementor plugin with the Shapely theme to further customize the front-page of my site (that I have used Shapely for), and have already added my media, text etc, and customized it as far as the theme will natively allow me. *So I can not “continue” from that point on using Elementor to make any changes or additions to the page.

  2. Even if I create a new page using Elementor (from scratch, ie. not continuing the building as described above), I cannot use the Shapely theme with it either.

So, if I cannot further customize and add elements to Shapely beyond what the free theme natively offers, and I cannot use Elementor with it either, then the ONLY way I can make any changes/additions to Shapely, is via these CSS code-thingies :stuck_out_tongue: Right?

Or is there another (obv free) plugin – other than Elementor – that I can use with Shapely theme to further edit/add to it that you know would work well with it (using easy, user-friendly, drag-n-drop functionality) for all us users that are using WordPress exactly in order to avoid coding etc. that they don’t understand?

In any case, is there somewhere where I can find I list of all different CSS codes that I can use for Shapely for all the different things that I can be done?


Hi there.

  1. Yes, you cant use it on the homepage of the Shapely.

  2. You can use ELementor on other pages, as I said no problem with this

The same rule applies to other plugins.

To work with CSS modifications, you need to understand CSS styling, as it is a programming language.


Thanks for your reply!

I understand that CSS is a programming language – that’s exactly why I wanted to avoid it :stuck_out_tongue:
I was hoping that you have, or can point me to a page that has, a list of all possible CSS commands that I can use with shapely. Or maybe it doesn’t work that way?

" 1. You can use ELementor on other pages, as I said no problem with this" – yes, you have already told me this. I didn’t understand whether I could use Elementor for only for a blank new page (not using the Shapely theme), or for a new page (using, again, the shapely theme for it).

Did you mean the former only (meaning that whether for the homepage or the next pages, I simply cannot use element for any application of shapely)?

Thanks again and sorry for the multiple “beginner” questions :wink:

Hi there.

CSS - No, it doesn’t work that way. Without experience or knowledge of CSS, the method you suggested won’t work.

I can’t comment on themes that are not shapely. I have provided information on how Elementor will work with shapely. For other themes, you can contact their support to find out how Elementor works with them.

Dear @noun, we seem to be revisiting the same questions from different angles repeatedly. I believe it would be beneficial for you to enhance your knowledge in Elementor and WordPress in general. I don’t intend to sound harsh, but without a grasp of the basics, it will be challenging to collaborate effectively.


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Ok I hear you. The different angles you refer to are prob due to the fact that I’m struggling to understand your replies (apparently due to, as you say, a lack of basic knowledge on my part – I was hoping things would start becoming self-explanatory, but I am instead getting more confused) :frowning:

So, to wrap it up, since I like Shapely so much (and since I’ve spent a lot of time on it struggling to set it up), apart from Elementor – which you say can’t be used to edit/customize Shapely – are there any other (super-user-friendly) editors (eg. Gutenberg) that I can use with this specific theme to customize/add to it with simple drag-drop functionality? Or is it CSS-coding-or-nothing?

*If there are any that you know of, please do suggest a couple so that I can try them! :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a great afternoon.

Hey there,

Elementor is just one example of a page editor; the same rule applies to any other page builders you can find on the web.


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All clear! thank you :slight_smile:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

If there is anything else I can help, let us know.

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