email notifications for comments not working

WP 4.1 - Travelify

Even though I have the correct email address in Settings - General, some of the notifications come to me (different email address) and the others don’t come at all. Is there another place to input email address that is overriding it? (I may have put mine in to test, but cannot find out where I might have done it.)

And why would only some being sent at all?

Let me know what I can provide for you to be able to help me troubleshoot this. Thank you.

This is not theme related issue.

It is very likely that all your emails ends up in spam folder because WordPress default emails are treated by spam by most email providers.

Email field in settings - general is used for YOU to receive notifications and is not in any way used for sending emails such as notifications about comment replays, signups etc.

There are some things that you can do about it:

  1. Use plugin such as this one to change WordPress default email which is used to send emails. By default it is [email protected]
  2. Use a slightly more advanced setup and send emails via SMTP. This plugin is very popular and is used by almost millions webmasters. That way you can configure that your emails are sent via Gmail (both these services can be used with your own domain name), Yahoo or some other SMTP service. This will highly increase your delivery rate.
  3. For colorlib we use even more advanced solution called Mandrill. It helps to get the highest delivery rates. Right now we are sending plain text emails but we are working on HTML template that will be used via this system. This is really great service but it might be a bit too difficult to setup.

I am not trying to change the ‘from email address,’ but rather the email address that new comment notifications go to.

We set it so that every new comment is held for approval. That is working fine. An email then goes to the wrong email address to notify her that she has a comment waiting for her approval. I want to change the email address that it goes to for approval.

I have changed all email addresses used by our host,, and their notifications are now going to her. But that did not change the wordpress comments notifications email address.

It appears the plugin you referred to will change the From address but that is not what I need. Or am I missing something?


Ok, I see.

Then this might be some database cache issue or some other issues with database, so email is not being replaced. Check what values are present on wp_options table on your website to see if everything is correct.

Also you might want to try to disable all plugins to check if any of them doesn’t cause this issue.

I searched the site and found many people have had the same problem, and yes, they all said to make changes in the wp_options table also. Where do I find that? I see template options, screen options but cannot find the wp_options table.

wp_options is the name of WordPress database table name and you can access via your hosting provider’s cPanel (phpMyAdmin or some other MySQL manager). It might be a good idea to ask your hosting provider if they can help with this because making changes directly in database is never a good idea for beginners.

If you still decide to check database yourself, make sure to backup database first because you never know what is going to happen.

Thank you so much for your help with this. I will contact and ask for their assistance with this.

Again, thank you so much for your assistance with this and all the other questions I have had. Your support is superior!