Emailform, how to?

I downloaded a email form and i would like to use in a website. I can’t figure out where to put the emailadres so its gonna work. Perhaos a little manual?

Thanks in advance, Jack

Hey there

Sorry, but forms are just HTML templates, they don’t contain send mail functionality from the forms, you have to implement them yourself

so its is nothing?, its free and nothing…

Hey Jack, implementing in php forms in the HTML templates is not always a good idea, such forms can be very different and custom, every user has a different idea on how to implement the theme, there are security question as well and based on this or other questions its better if the user will implement such form in the template if anyone has just a beginner experience with PHP this can be done in minutes
We are just giving away free HTML templates, rest of thing thins is on you :slight_smile: