Embedded YouTube video looks bad...


First off: nice and easy theme!

But I noticed a problem when embedding a video from YouTube. The propostions do not addapt to smaller screens. It shows very big black bars on top and bottom

Please see screenshots.

How can we fix this? (preferably without a plugin).


Hi @martini.

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

It also happens with default WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme. It’s all about video from YouTube and nothing to do with the theme.

You can try using solutions posted on the following pages to resolve it.


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Try this one…Embedded Youtube video


@rampatter You have shared page URL which describes how to embed youtube video in HTML page.

First of all this forum is for WordPress themes and not for HTML pages and the topic creator has asked question to remove big black bars from youtube video and not about embedding video therefore your reply here is wrong and invalid.