Embedding videos in Shapely

I would like to know how to upload videos on the website I’m making with Shapely. I do NOT want to upload the videos I have made to a site like YouTube, Vimeo etc. I want my videos to be uploaded directly to my Hostinger hosting (as I do not want them to available anywhere else other than via my website which will be made with Shapely).

What is the process to do this?

I also have also created another 3 topics (“Front page length/size changing / adding front page’s sections” / “Setting text background + changing font” / “Changing background colors of specific sections”). The follow-up questions to the replies I got for the first 2 topics have not been answered, and the initial question for the 3rd topic hasn’t been replied to at all. Leaving all my questions/topics till today unsolved so far.

As I maybe don’t know how forum support works in general, maybe you can tell me what other way there is to get the answers I need as I need to finish at least a draft website and post it before the end of this weekend because maybe I’m using the support forum wrongly?

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You can easily upload and post videos on your website, just like on any other website. Simply upload the video to your WordPress media library and use HTML to embed it anywhere you want on your site.

All your questions will be answered :slight_smile:


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Hello @noun,

To upload videos directly to your Hostinger hosting and embed them into your Shapely-themed website.
Log in to your Hostinger account and open the hPanel.
Navigate to the File Manager and enter the public_html directory or the specific folder where your website files are located.
Use the upload feature in the File Manager to upload your video files directly to the server.
Once the video is uploaded, you can use the HTML

<video width="320" height="240" controls>
  <source src="path_to_your_video.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  Your browser does not support the video tag.

Replace path_to_your_video.mp4 with the actual path to the video file you’ve uploaded.
After embedding the video, save your changes and update your website to see the video live on your page.

Hi there,

Thanks for your help @brandon698sherrick we appreciate it.

Customizing the template is of course possible and we welcome this.