Error installing Theme in Wordpress

Hello. I am getting an error when I try to install the mediplus theme in Wordpress.

When I try to install it directly in Wordpress, I get the following error:

Installing the theme …

The package could not be decompressed. The theme does not have the style.css stylesheet.

The theme installation has failed

And if I pass all the data by FTP and then it says the following:
Damaged themes
The following themes were installed but are incomplete.

Name Description
mediplus / css The template is not available. Themes need an index.php template file. Child themes need a template header in the style.css style sheet.

How can I solve it? Please let me know the solution asap.

Hey there

Sorry, but its an HTML template and its not possible to install it in the Wordpress


Where in your websiste says that it is for HTML? I have check again the mediplus therme and it does not says if it is for html or for wordpress… So, if it is not for wordpress can we then change it for other therme you have without pay anything that we can use for wordpress? Or give the payment back… since you do not place in any place that it is not for wordpress

hey there

@j.herrero its website template and its described in the item description, sorry if it was confusing.
We don’t have WordPress themes for sale, only website templates,

You can exchange it, to do this use contact us page on our main site.

You can initiate refund from your payment account,


How can we initiate refund from our payment?


Sorry, but I can’t say that it depends on the payment method you used, if you used Paypal then you need to do it from PayPal, if you used a card then from your bank account