error trying out Shapley theme

I used the Shapley theme by browsing to new themes in Wordpress and I got this error after uninstalling the Shapley theme:

In order to use the Shapely Companion plugin you have to also install the Shapely Theme

I got that error after I had already installed the shapely theme and was messing around with adding additional plugins. I changed my mind after I had installed one plugin and after I went to delete it, I got this error at the top of my WordPress install.

Now I can’t get rid of this message even after reinstalling the shaplely theme and uninstalling it.

I have never had a problem caused by simply trying out a theme.

Please tell me how to fix this.


Hey there,
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This is also news to us.
Have you already put in work in your website, if not you can consider resetting your WordPress instillation.

If you do have posts and pages that you don’t want deleted, you can export them using this plugin: and reimport them after the reset.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Brian,

Please go to Plugins -> and deactivate this plugin “Shapely Companion plugin” it will solve the issue.

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