Error With Fancy Bar

Whenever i Click on the content or any area a fancybox overlay come up please fix it asap.

Could you please post your website URL, so I can look into it. From your description I understand nothing.

Sure Thing. Its

It has nothing to do with theme but you have misconfigured plugin which targets the entire website not just images. It has missing selector.

I would personally recommend something like this plugin because it won’t need any configuration and it will work outside of box.

Make sure to disable your currently installed lightbox plugin first. You can also try to configure it properly to target the right elements if you like. Like I said, this has absolutely nothing to do with theme.

Dude You are The Best. I Used To Use The Theme Hueman But My Office People Did Not like it so i changed. The Theme Needed Those Plugin. Disabling Lightbox Helped.