Error with slider since update - Dazzling WordPress theme

Hello, I have a javascript error since the last update.
Before this the site was working excellent. I make use of the royalsider instead of the flexslider, and this was working fine before. Please help because it is for a client, site is live already.


I think it have to do with a change(?) in main.js ?? How can I restore this please?


I don’t see any issues with your website. It is working perfectly fine on all major browsers out there.

Maybe try to clean your browser cache as this appears your local cache issue.


At the moment it is working yes. Because I found a topic here in the support section of Dazzling.
The topic was about this issue. You recommended in that topic to update the main.js file, that is what I have done to restore the website.

Now, I have another question…I see you have another update out now. What are all the changes? and is this update checked and approved? because I don’t want to lose that website again.
And is the issue with Jetpack solved. Because since your last update the lightboxes of the Jetpack Carousel are not working anymore.
Please your reply as soon as possible. thank you.

Latest update fixes this JavaScript bug, so need for you to update. It jus took way too long for WordPress team to approve it as I submitted it last week way before anyone started to report this issue.

Sorry for inconvenience

Evrything is fine again, since new update all is working well, thank you.