Estore template downloaded


I have the “estore” template downloaded since june 03, 2020 when there was a link to download free.
I was reading the rules of use of the templates without licence, but i don’t kwon if i can use it now because it’s not free anymore.

So, i want to ask if i still can use it keeping the copyright section on the footer? or now i have to buy the license?


If you don’t want to remove the credit then you may use the theme, but if you want to remove footer credit then you have to obtain license

Yeah, that’s the point. I don’t want to remove it.

But here is the other question:
I want to keep the footer, but i need it in spanish.
So, is it ok if i translate it to spanish? or i have to keep it as it is?


Yes, sure, no problem you may translate it to any language :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s great!.

So, here’s my final question…
I still can modify the template as i need right? CSS, change elements, etc right? That’s what i saw in the rules of use.

Hi there

Yes, you can use it,

Well, thanks for the support.
That’s all.

Thank you too

I will close the case