Events manager short code not working


If I make a new posts which is displayed on the latest news section and use the shortcode [events-list] on the posts.
I see the shortcode and not the events lists.

How can I solve this ?


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Kindly switch over to a default WordPress theme eg Twenty Sixteen, and verify the plugin works.
If it does it could be an incompatibility issue with Illdy, and a compatibility feature request will have to be submitted to the development team.

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Sorry for the late respons but I was not in the office the last few days.
I tried with a default wordpress theme and then everything works fine.
So it looks like events manager is not compatible with the Illdy theme.

Also the columns shortcodes plugin is not compatible with this theme.

I found something wierd.
When I use the tags of colums shortcode and event-manager on a post , both are not working
When I use both tags on Appareance -> Customizer -> Latest News widget they work.