Excerpt vs Content

Hey, I’ve been using this theme for a while now and I’ve noticed the posts have a preview text before starting to read it. I realised it either uses the excerpt or it picks a fraction of the content.
On my website I’ve been using a plugin that adds some code so when I saw I could use exerpt I got really happy and started using it until I realised it is not cuting the exerpt meaning if I write a 200 lines text it will put it all.
My question is: can I use the exerpt but still cut the content automatically and add “[…]” to make it look prettyer as if I didnt add an excerpt?

Hi there

Yes, you can use the Read more tag along with the excerpt to control appearance of blog content

How so?
1st: What is/how do I put the Read More tag
2nd: Do I need to put it on a specific place (wherever I want it to be or does it recognise the text and cut automatically)
3rd: My dazzling posts already have a Read More tag, wouldn’t it make a conflict

Hi there

Please check this instruction on how to use Read more tag:

Hmm, I understand but is there any way of forcing the exerpts to work somehow? Adding more tag manually to all my posts is not recommended for the project I’m working on

Hi tormit

You can try third party plugins, this is how WordPress works and our theme uses functions of Wordpress, but this rule can be enhanced by third-party plugins