Export customization settings

I’ve been customizing Dazzling on a test blog via a child theme. I have added quite a bit to the child style.css. Now I want to set up Dazzling on my primary blog, again with a child theme.
Is there a way to export settings from the test site and then import those settings into Dazzling Child on the new site? I imagine I can simply copy the style.css and functions.php files. But what about changes I made via the WordPress Customizer - any way to easily get the data?

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Firstly I’d advise you to make a full backup of you website.
You can use all in All In One Migration plugin: All-in-One WP Migration – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
this will create a replica of your current WordPress instillation, you can then install the same plugin, on your main site and reimport it to the primary blog, simply change the URL links in Settings > general.

You can also try this plugin: Customizer Export/Import – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

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Great, thanks. I’ll give that plugin a try!

The Customizer Export Import plugin worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip!

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I am glad the solution worked for you.
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