Export to "wordpress"

Can anyone tell/instruct me how to upload my file “GymLife” to “WORDPRESS”. The info that I read says it can be edited in WP with real ease, I apologise for my daftness???

hey there

Are asking to upload an HTML template into WordPress?
Well, it’s not a typical question, there is no predefined way or tools to smoothly convert HTML into WordPress theme, I would recommend doing research on the web, check this out

Hi thanks for your email,
I have spoke to wordpress they say if i upload the zip file they will have a look at it for me. They need the link to do this. Can you advise?
Cheers Dave.

Hi Dave

I’m sorry, but to be honest, I’m not sure what is your question about or what you are trying to achieve, from what I understand you want to upload HTML template into the wordpress, it will not work for sure, try to do a little research in the web or check links I posted above :slight_smile: