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Today i purchased the Extended Licence. The issue i’m having is that when i go to download a template and/or any templates via Premium Themes it says i have to pay for it.

The Extended Licence said i have access to all templates - is this correct or not?



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Everything is exactly same in the extended license, you just have right to remove footer credits, theme files are same for free version and for any other type of license

Ok thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Is there anything else that we can assist you with?

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how to change menu colour in theme
demo site https://www.flexistamps.com

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This should help :

.store-menu {
    background-color: red;

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Hi! I also bought the extended version today. But how do I get the free version I already installed to be extended? so that I can change the footer?

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The license allows you the ability to remove any Colorlib licencing information and your your own without having to worry about legal issues. This page will tell you more:


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I have various questions regarding this theme and customising it

  1. Footer. Is it possible to have 2 columns in the footer rather than 4?
  2. Under the menu,header bar there is a thin line. Is it possible to change that colour?


Hello @sherylbrock7,

Please create a new post for these issues so that we can document these issue for other users to find easily.

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I have the same issue hower this post never covers how to fix the issue after I puchaced the licence how do I downlod the theme? When I click on download it always takes me back to the checkout page. I simply want to download the theme… Please help I am becoming highly frustreaded reading blog post and not having a real person to talk to about this. I dont have time to deal with dumb problems.

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The license is only for removing footer credits, once you purchase one of the license we can provide css code to remove it, there is no separate version of the theme to download, you can still use the free version from wordpress.org there is nothing to download you just need to install it from the appearance > themes

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please don’t duplicate questions