Extended menu bar after search or chosing a blog post cathegory

We use TravelifyVersion: 3.0.8 for our website osterzgebirge[.]org. Since the site is very extensive, we also have a large menu.
Unfortunately, there is an unpleasant side effect with the menu bar in search results or when selecting a blog post category:
Normal menu looks so:
(Sorry I can not upload screenshots).

I suspect a bug in the theme with more extensive menus.
Who can help us with this, please?

Thank you

Kind regards


Hi there.

Thanks for contacting us!

From what I can see, you are using Max Mega Menu for your WordPress website. Could you please contact them for support regarding this issue? There is nothing we can do in this situation.


Thank you for the reaction.
Sorry, Max Mega Menu we’ve only been using it for a few weeks,
but the described failure we have since years,
so Max Mega Menu can’t be the cause.

Hello @ThiNatz

The menu on this page: Pflanzenwelt Archive - Natur im Osterzgebirge is fully managed by the mega menu plugin, check this out: Screenshot by Lightshot
That’s why we need to remove the Mega menu plugin from the issue.


Thank you for the message.
Once again: The error in the menu does not come from the Max Mega Menu.
As proof, I have temporarily deactivated the plugin - the error still exists,
just as it did before the Max Mega Menu was installed.
By the way: We only had to install the Max Mega Menu for one reason:
The normal menu of the theme is displayed very poorly on a smartphone

  • that’s why we have to make do with the Max Mega Menu for this new target group.
    I’m looking forward to your reaction.
    Thilo Natzschka

Hi @ThiNatz

Sure, can I try it? Could you please share the admin details so that I can check the problem from the backend?

Let me know.


What do you meam with “share the admin details”?

I can send you an user invitation, if you give me an email address.

Hi there

Yes, that what I mean, you can use this email address: [email protected]


I sent the password link from WordPress.

Have you been able to test this with the access data?

Hi @ThiNatz

Sorry, I just found your mail in junk, can you please provide the password reset link again? it’s expired.


Oh yeah,
I did it again. Please proof.
Thank you.

Hi Thilo,

Sorry for the delay, I tried many things but unfortunately, I was not able to find the root of the problem. This requires deeper investigation and without a developer, I can’t do this.

I can provide a temporary solution before we fix it. You can hide menu elements by their IDs. Check this out:

body.archive li#menu-item-4062, 
body.archive li#menu-item-577, 
body.archive li#menu-item-XX {
    display: none;

Use this method and hide the menu elements you don’t want to see on this page

I hope this helps.

Hi Leader (?).
Thank you for the information.
Your temporary solution I can not realize, because the problem is not on one normal page
but in the search results and filter results oft the category filter.
So I hope and look forward to the deeper investigation with your developer.
Thank you for your help.
Kind regards

Hi Thilo,

This css code provided above will only work on archive pages, it will not affect your other pages.

Search page looks good for me: Du hast nach rollblumenblüte gesucht - Natur im Osterzgebirge

I can’t wait to hear back from you!


thank you.
I can confirm that the menu at the search results now looks fine - thank you very much.
But unfortunately I didn’t understand how and where to insert the code shown
so that it also works for the category filter results.
Can you help me with this again or give me an advice?
(I normally only work on the user interface, not in the code.)
Thank you so much.

Hey Thilo,

Sure, no problem I’m here to help.

You can add CSS code in the WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

Let me know if there is anything else.


Thank you for the explanation.
I added this code. Now the search results come with the normal menu.
I’m sorry to say that after using the category filter widget in the right sidebar the menu crash further on.