Facebook feed instead of LATEST NEWS

It is a great looking theme, but still not perfect though :slight_smile:
All I need to know at this point is, if there is any option to change typical blog links (squares) into the facebook feed showing latest posts (something like that attached I found somewhere in the web)?

I’ve tried installig a plugin to get the feed on my own and just place a shortcode at ABOUT ME section, but it didn’t work. So I’ve tried using Jetpack FB widget, however it does not work at all. Then I 've tried installing “Recent Facebook Posts” widget and it works, but it keeps all content at the left hand side squeezed like hell instead of automatic spreading it to 100 witdh of my page.

Sorry if I you were not able to understand me, english is not my native language :wink:
Best regards

Hello @adasad,

Can you send me a live preview of the squeezed widgets?

It seems to be the closest solution to achieve this and it might be just some CSS rules to change the widgets wrapper from 25% to 100% width.


Sorry, can’t go online with that. It’s an existing website I’m trying to change :slight_smile:
But I made 2 screenshots while using widget: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/recent-facebook-posts

1.png - vertical setting
2.png - horizontal setting.
As you can see, both setting doesn’t work. It just seems theres a small area for widgets you can fill with some external content.
Would it be enough for you?
Thank you.

Hello @adasad,

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you the fix without live preview, as I cannot get the exact CSS selector for the widgets.

You might want to have a look here on something similar:

Let me know if you got it right