Facebook Pixel Setup

I want to add facebook pixel and I need to verify my domain. Please see the attachment. Is activello compatible to this action?

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Hey there

Yes, its compatible,

Basically all wp themes are fb pixel compatible,


I am not sure where exactly I should add the meta-tag. Please see below:

“Paste the meta-tag into the … section of the website’s home page HTML source, and publish the page.”

Could you please let me know where is the … section exactly?

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Hi Katerina

Please follow this guide: Redirecting...
Please also consider, setting up Pixel falls outside of our support scopes :slight_smile:


Hi Katerina,
It is quite simple. Just install a plugin called “Header and Footer Script” (by Digital Liberation). Go to the plugin settings, and paste the Meta Pixel code into Header Script section, then save. You are done, that’s it.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hey Marco. Thanks for your input. Have a good day.

Now I will mark this ticket as closed.