FAHSE THEME: Page Headers Not Populating Images

Hi Colorlib team,

I have recently started customizing the Fashe Theme for my site (www.bobbirocco.com) it is not published yet, because I am having issues inserting/populating images for the header of my Locations, FAQs, and About Us pages.

I can’t seem to find any place in the customization settings to upload images for the Location and FAQ pages. For the About Us page there seems to be a place for me to upload an image yet the page still stays black. Oddly enough the only page which populates an image in the header is the Contact Us page in which I have placed a simple pink background.

The screen shots for all of this is shared below. Please let me know how to best fix this problem, as I think the theme is simple, clean, and functional. Headers are the first thing a customer sees when entering a new page so this is very important. Surely this should have an easy fix!

Thank you
Bianca xx

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

Please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case.

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Colorlib Support Team


Not sure how I can prove your credentials are legitimate. Is there another way to solve the problem!

I can try to do it myself.

Thank you!

Hi There,

Thanks for the follow-up.

At this point, I cannot think of another solution that I can recommend. I’d love to have a closer look at our site so that I can advise further,

That’s why I requested the login credentials.

Hope this heps.

Hello there!
Can somebody please tell me the whole process to use the templates.
Thank you in advance!

Hey Cesar, I already answered on your ticket, please use your tickets for the question :slight_smile: