Fashe icon size

Sorry for my English im french
Hi, im having trouble with the Fashe theme …
Everytime i upload my logo it come off super small . I tried resizing it with the shopify photo edit but its still come off super small. I really need help. Im really new to this and i dont know anything about code, csss, etc

I need help please!!

Here is my website is https://lesextensionsluxe.com/ and the password is skeape

Also i would like to put the logo in the center on top of the header menu. and i would like to add a search bar on the left next to the header menu

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Sorry but i see only “Opening Soon” page and i can’t reproduce the problem, can you please disable it temporarily?
Colorlib Support Team

Okay its done

I disabled it

I set as private

Hey there

This is the css code you can use to fix logo problem:

.logo img {
max-height: 70px;

Regarding other question, please check options of the theme and documentation, im WordPress support and to be honest i don’t know if theme options allow this or not, so if you have such options in the option panel you can make changes, otherwise this is not possible

where do i put this code. I dont know nothing about this


You can add the css code by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

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Hi, it doesnt work :frowning:


Sorry if im insisting…I just been working on this for hours and i cant seem to find a solution . Like i told you i dont know much about editing and css and html and all those things. If anyone cant help me and explain to me what i have to do i would greatly appreciate it .

Hello Lauranie

This is Shopify you need to edit files of you can also use this app where you can add custom css code: