Fashe setInterval (infinite loop)

This causes users who are on the website for long enough to start lagging.

Theme: Fashe
How to fix?

Hey there

May I take a look? please provide URL of the website and I will check it, please also make sure this is not a conflict with other Shopify extensions


I had an issue with an app self-installing. So the app developer looked into this and saw that this was happening on the side.

Do you have an update on this <3

Hi there

Sorry for the delay, The error message you’re encountering suggests that there is an issue with the Instafeed.js library on your Shopify website. Specifically, it indicates that no user has been specified and prompts you to use the ‘userId’ option.

Instafeed.js is a JavaScript library used to display Instagram feeds on websites. In order to use it correctly, you need to provide the ‘userId’ option, which identifies the Instagram user whose feed you want to display.
So, please go ahead and if you missed to provide it somewhere add it

Thank you. I dont use it as it would cost 50$ a month for that app to function correctly.
How do disable this? Would I just need to remove the insafeed section?

Its not part of our theme, so you need to check their documentation on how to deactivate or disable it


Thank you. I will try find out

You are welcome and have a good day :slight_smile:

Sorry, I googled how to install it and did the opposite, deleted all the scripts that was using it and I’m still getting this error.

Uncaught ReferenceError: MtPopUpList is not defined


Where dod you get it? my console is clear now, check Screenshot by Lightshot

If you click onto a product.

Hi there

Check if you are using any popups, that’s related to the popup you are using on your website, it’s not from the theme


thank you. So I went edited the code and removed all the files related to the pop-up and I’m still getting this error. I inspected the page element and found the source code where MtPopUpList is being used. However, I opened every single file belonging to the theme and MtPopUpList is nowhere to be found. Its not on the theme.

Hi there

Yes, indeed, it’s not in the theme, we don’t have such a feature in the theme.
Im sorry but in this case you need to debug it yourself, my apologies but we cant support problems caused by third-party codes.